Introduction to HAPO Xero Synchronization

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What Is HAPO Xero Synchronization?

HAPO Xero Synchronization is a solution for optimizing your bookkeeping process by synchronizing your data to Xero accurately and seamlessly.

With HAPO Xero Synchronization, you can choose to sync data automatically or do it manually as you want to see how your store is performing.

Besides, all of your sales data can be reconciled with bank accounts correctly and product quantity on inventory from Xero can be updated to Shopify without logging into.

What Can You Do with HAPO Xero Synchronization?

With HAPO Xero Synchronization you can lesser your accounting paperwork with the below features:

  • Synchronize order details (products, customers, orders, payments).
  • Synchronize payouts to Xero.
  • Save time with automatic data synchronization from Shopify to Xero.
  • Troubleshooting manual data synchronization from Shopify to Xero.
  • Real-time update product quantity from Xero inventory to Shopify inventory without login to Shopify admin.
  • Show sales, discounts, shipping, refunds, gift cards, and fees across invoices.
  • Reconciling your sales data with your bank account correctly and easily.

Who Should Use HAPO Xero Synchronization?

HAPO Xero Synchronization app is for Shopify merchants, accountants, and bookkeepers who want to save time syncing data and reconciling between Shopify and Xero.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us via live chat in-app or send us an email to [email protected] Our support team is happy to help you!

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